Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rap Vlogification

Phil Hamilton Hits the Quick Time!

So this is more like Verdi's "Untitled" from Videoblogging week than intended but whatever. I was actually trying to get 3 screens of me in one....but it took much time and didnt work.

P.S. No videos for a week cuz i'll be in the Carolina's makin some houses.


Blogger Josh Leo said...

I was wondering when you were gonna get quicktime. Damnit! Every time I see your posts it pisses me off that I didn't have friends as cool as you when I was in high school.

the beat that you make with the slapping of your body is rockin.

the lyrics are great..and the collaboration with yourself worked out well...

I am going to go through philham vlog withdrawl for the next week

1:05 AM  
Blogger annie! said...

that was freaking talent. wowww.
and the robot? i dig.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Ed S. said...

Apparently Big Time is Rap Time this week. I just posted my second Big Time TV vlog entry, featuring the rapping talents of Misako the cartoonist. Your Phil within a Phil mc'n skills are tight. Thems some mad recursions, friend.

Raise a few Carolinan barns for the rest of us.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Topher Collins said...


4:32 PM  
Blogger Verdi said...

Wow. You have a way cooler video twin than I do. My guy can't do none of that.

10:49 AM  
Blogger ryanne hodson said...

this vid is awesome.
people under 20 kick ass
and some over 20 do too.

you're smahhhhhht

11:02 AM  
Anonymous jonny goldstein said...

nice body slappin'!

9:46 AM  
Anonymous kristina said...

Yay, you got Quicktime! Awesome video. Your twin is a bit more collaborative than Verdi's.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous bottomunion said...

didn't watch your other videos cause no QT.
and the .wmv didn't work for some reason.
Now, I'm watching ya! This is my first
Phil Hamilton video, and ryanne's right.
It's (you're) wicked smaahht!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

I must now retire from videoblogging.
Your "skillz" are "tight" - am I saying that right?

3:54 AM  
Blogger Jay Dedman said...

ive seen this video 8 times.
its so good.
but remember the LIGHT.
dont let those journalists be right about us.
let them see the skill of which you have in spades.

1:10 PM  
Blogger The Faux Press said...

Joelart pointed me here to your site and boy and I ever glad he did. This was so much fun. Also enjoyed "Music Across The Miles."

Your imagination is spectacular.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

Yeah! That was pretty cool!

5:42 PM  

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